OPULENCE – Vegan Dark Chocolate Shatter Bar – SATIVA – 500MG


Made with premium Sativa shatter, this dark couverture chocolate affirms a powerful cocoa flavour enriched with subtle floral and fruity-sourish notes – oh, and did we mention it’s Vegan and Non-GMO?

Combining luxury, cannabis, and ethically sourced chocolate, OPULENCE brings you an elevated experience quite unlike any other in a variety of flavours, strengths, and strains. Using lab tested proprietary blends of full-spectrum extracts and a food science approach to infusion, OPULENCE ensures that each square has the precise amount of THC for accurate dosing and a consistent, reliable experience. A modern & memorable treat for the stylish cannabis consumer.

  • 500mg THC per bar / 20mg THC per piece / 24 pieces

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