Jamaican Gumball Hash

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The full-body high from the Jamaican Gumball Hash is both calming and powerful. This will undoubtedly lock you in with a profound, calming, full-body high that even seasoned users might not have expected. The high can continue for several hours, so it’s great if you’ve finished all of your responsibilities for the day because this one can keep you high and immobilized for a long time.

With its soft and flexible structure, this hash produces a strong high, typical of an Indica. The name gumball derives its gum-like flexibility, this is supposed to be where the name derives from. This hash is made entirely from Indica dominant strains and provides a superb full-body high, as one would expect from such a legendary pioneer in the industry and one of the world’s most popular hash countries. This Jamaican Gumball Hash gives the true OG experience.

One should know, that the gumball gives out a strong odor, which is something to consider before partaking. As you’d expect from a hash of this nature, the aroma is powerful and earthy. The Jamaican Gumball Hash has a strong flavor and a sticky texture, according to users.

Using Jamaican Gumball Hash for medicinal treatments is popular and beneficial. The relaxing impact of gumball makes it ideal for treating chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety and other nerve-related conditions. It should also lift the spirit and the mood, elevating the mind, as well as ADHD and relief from muscle pain and cramps.

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